Addicted to creativity.


I am Anna Steenson and this is my portfolio

FILMMAKER /                                                             


documentarian . videographer . 2D animator


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GRAPHIC DESIGN /                                                             

Art .Design .Marketing .Web 

PHOTOGRAPHY /                                                             


music . and .moments


MUSICIAN /                                                             

collaborator .multi-instrumentalist . composer

I have been playing cello for over 10 years and I enjoy a variety of genres and I am available for your next gig.

ClearJoy is a musical collaboration of my sister and I. We provide music for any venue, including receptions, parties, house concerts, weddings, church and civic events. We each play multiple instruments and provide a variety of music genres. Check out our website.

I salvage old, broken, unusable musical instruments and give them a new life as art. Check out this blog to learn about my process

I compose music for some of my film and animation projects. 

Can we create something together?

Please feel free to contact me.


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